Leveraging the nation’s best technology and standardized methodologies, ENTH manages and analyzes hazardous substances.
Rigorous analysis by ENTH
Unlike other nail ODM/OEM companies that rely on external analysis facilities, ENTH conducts its own analysis of hazardous substances in-house. ENTH is able to meet the quality standards of leading partners with more rigorous criteria than cosmetics regulations because of our strong technical expertise.
Analyzes hazardous heavy metal components such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, antimony, mercury, and nickel. Widely used for rapid, accurate, simple, and uncomplicated trace element analysis.
Samples are vaporized and passed through a fixed phase column for qualitative and quantitative analysis through a mass spectrometer. They are analyzed for substances such as 1,4-dioxane, BTX, methanol, phthalate, etc.
Samples are vaporized and passed through a fixed phase column for qualitative and quantitative analysis. It offers high sensitivity to a wide range of components and compounds, allowing for analysis of various samples.
Samples are analyzed for identification, purity, quantity, etc. of substances such as formaldehyde. Comprised of high-precision equipment, the analysis is highly reproducible, and a wide range of sample applicability is available depending on the analysis purposes.
Analyzes changes and stability of products at high temperatures. By considering the high temperatures and harsh environments that may occur during product transportation, this analysis ensures the safety and stability of the product during development.
Best In-House Analysis Technology in Korea
Even with the most advanced equipment, the manpower capable of its operation is irreplaceable. ENTH’s excerpts and skilled personnel ensure the highest level of execution for in-house analytics.